The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets by Belinda M Gordon

The Good Pharmacist's Deadly Secrets

The Good Pharmacist’s Deadly Secrets by Belinda M Gordon (A Findale Fae Mystery Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

A Fae in hiding. A discarded backpack. A pharmacist murdered.
Escaping the notoriety she’d acquired in The Otherworld,Sloan Murray packed up her loyal cocker spaniel Max and left her fellow fae to settle in the small town of Findale.Sloan thought her new life in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania would change for the better, become quieter, less unpredictable––if only a small group of fae hadn’t followed her into this new world.
Still,Sloan’s enjoying her relative anonymity until she attempts to return alost backpack and ends up accused of murder. Suddenly, not only do half the town think they know who she is, they’re under the misconception she’s a dangerous killer.
Will Sloan and her fae friends unravel the dead pharmacist’s secrets before the obstinate Det. Moody arrests her for murder? Time is ticking, and if Sloan can’t find the real murderer soon, not only will she lose what’s left of her magical anonymity, she will lose her freedom forever.

Max, my floppy-eared cocker spaniel, stood on his hind legs and scratched excitedly at the trailer door, his blond stump of a tail wagging back and forth behind him—antics meant to remind me that I hadn’t let him out for his morning walk–as if I needed another reminder of how late I was running.

I grabbed the FedEx box from my tiny kitchen table with a sigh and rushed to the door. As I reached for the doorknob, I glanced longingly at the cold coffeemaker on the counter. Time was not on my side and my longing for my morning fix of the hot brew would have to wait until we reached the café.

I had only opened the door a slight few inches when Max squeezed past me and made a mad dash down the metal steps. He ran, zigzagging across the yard in front of the trailer with his nose to the ground.

‘Hurry up, Max,’ I said, walking to my car. If I didn’t push him along, he would spend the whole day investigating the scents left by the animals that had scurried past during the night.

Preoccupied, I almost dropped the box on the hood of my burgundy ’68 Ford Mustang. I managed to stop myself in time to avoid scratching the newly refurbished paint job, laying it on the ground instead before digging into my jeans pocket for my keys.

I jerked my head around as a sudden movement caught my attention from the corner of my eye. Two squirrels chased each other down a tree and darted across Max’s path. I cursed under my breath, anticipating his reaction.

Several high-pitched barks later and the chase was on.

‘Max, HEEL!’ I shouted with no real hope my words would penetrate his thick skull. Frustrated, I continued yelling as if he could understand my words. ‘Mrs. Krauss will freak if we don’t get to the café soon.’

I ran after him, dreading the chewing out in store for me from the café’s proprietor when I didn’t keep my promise to fix her dishwasher before the morning rush. It had been bad enough when I told her I had to order a part to complete the repair.

The cocker spaniel sprinted too fast for me to catch him, but I wanted to stay close enough to regain control when the squirrels inevitably lost him.

The squirrels dashed across the dilapidated road in front of the trailer with Max close behind. I reached the near side of the road just in time to see them scurry up a tree twenty yards or so away. Max circled the tree, barking wildly, as if trying to figure out how to climb it himself, but his prey had disappeared.

‘They’re gone, ya silly dog. Now come!’ He let out a few more yaps before staring in my direction, his pink tongue lolling out of his mouth. ‘Come on! We gotta go!’

He darted toward me, tail wagging.

The noise of a fast approaching engine flew to me on the wind. No one in their right mind would drive down this road at that speed. It was suicidal—the curves were too sharp, and a deer could jump in front of you at any time.

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