The Great Northern War by James E. Wisher

The Great Northern War

The Great Northern War by James E. Wisher (Portal Wars Saga Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.4 MB

War is Hell, especially when you’re surrounded by enemies.

With the king of Garenland dead and the people eager for revenge, Otto and Wolfric turn their sights north, to Garenland’s ancient enemy, Straken.

The Northern Army marches into enemy territory while back in the capital Otto rushes to train as many war wizards as he can.

Outside forces refuse to leave them alone and Otto is forced to deal with an ever-growing array of foes, unreliable allies, and an enemy that will do anything to see Garenland fall.

Can Otto overcome threats both internal and external to bring the war to a victorious close?

Axel Shenk stood, hands clasped behind his back, in General Varchi’s office. The usually perfectly ordered desk was covered with maps and lists. With the Northern Army preparing to march, there was a great deal to be done. Instead of being weighed down by the work, the general appeared invigorated. Axel knew exactly how he felt. Since he’d arrived from the trading post where his company had holed up, they’d all been working twelve-plus hours a day. What made it invigorating was the fact that they were finally free to strike back at their enemies. King Wolfric—it was going to take a little while to get used to that change—had ordered them to march as quickly as possible and to drive Straken’s forces out of Garenland and all the way back to their capital city of Marduke. If they could burn the city down, so much the better. It was an order they’d all been waiting for but had no hope of getting from the late king. General Varchi finished the list he was working on and stood up. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Axel. In recognition of your outstanding work getting your forces safely clear of the Straken army, I’m promoting you to commander. You’ll take charge of Braddock’s three companies as he’s in no shape to return to the fight. I’ve already ordered replacements to fill out your ranks. I’ll be counting on your scout company to lead the way north.” The general pinned a silver star on his tunic and Axel saluted, fist to heart. “We’ll do our best, General. My men and I are eager for some payback.” “I can imagine. Yours was the only scout company to escape the sieges. That firsthand knowledge will be invaluable. Best get back to your people and prepare. The First and Second Legions march in the morning.” “One more thing if I may, sir?” At the general’s nod Axel asked, “How is Commander Braddock?” “According to the healers’ report he’ll live, but given the damage he took, he’ll likely never see combat again. Braddock’s a good man. I’ll find a place for him in the command staff when he’s ready.”

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