The Grim Legion by Kindred Ult

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The Grim Legion

The Grim Legion by Kindred Ult
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

The Grim Legion : Niethel was still fighting the last specter when burst of light filled the alley, and he was extremely lucky to not be in it when it hit. As it was, he still covered his eyes in pain and threw himself away from his opponent. He opened his eyes just in time to block a blow at his head. The specter swiftly pulled its sword away and stabbed Niethel in the side of the stomach. The sword went through him and spit into the ground beneath, but then it was stuck. Niethel looked at the wound and laughed before using his dirk to chop off the specter’s arm. It then followed with the predictable shield smash, which hit him in the ribs, and only made him laugh more.

“Is that really all you can do?!” He laughed, dropped his sword, grabbed the tip of the shield, and pulled it away while getting to his feet and slashing the ethereal warrior out of existence.

“The Darken looked up in time to see the vampire come down and chop it in the side of the neck. The Darken listed to the side as pain was sent down its spine but in another second it was recovered and was about to turn around when it suddenly lost all feeling in its legs. It wondered what was wrong but as it turned its head around it saw the vampire with his sword stuck halfway into its body. Its armor was well made, and as such, the vampire was not able to fully cut it in half, but its spine was severed and it felt nothing when the vampire ripped his sword out to the side and pierced through the back of its heart. He ripped his sword out once more as it fell to the ground, like all of the others before it, and began to walk towards Jaxon, his sword by his side.

Jaxon looked on dumbfounded as it finally dawned on him that his entire group had just been killed off. He looked at Bill’s pierced head, the two holes in the Darken’s breastplate, and finally, the menacing vampire that was walking towards him. This thing had to be the strongest fighter he had ever even seen. For one panic-filled second he thought about running away, but then he pictured Korinna lying on the ground with dozens of little bite marks all over her body. He remembered his pledge to his father right before his father died that he would protect his sister with his life or that he would never allow her to die without recompense. Jaxon looked at the vampire and his mind spun as he calculated everything he would need.”


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