The Grindhouse Experience by Sam West

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The Grindhouse Experience by Sam West
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

A group of University students sign up to The Grindhouse Experience, a non-profit extreme haunt with an exploitation cinema twist. The waiting list is long, the acceptance rate small. On the night of Halloween, the lucky winners will be kidnapped and taken to the secret location where The Grindhouse Experience will commence…

The operation is run by Ethan Blake, the millionaire, playboy son of the notorious and world-renowned British film director, Jefferson Blake. Blake died in 1992, but his legacy lives on. His films helped define exploitation cinema in the 60s and 70s, and are some of the most violent and disturbing ever produced.

Ethan has a secret agenda. He has plans for the next bunch of entrants into The Grindhouse Experience. There is a lot that the public don’t know about Jefferson Blake who did far more than just make era-defining, sleazy movies. Ethan will show these curious students exactly what it was that his father used to do.

He will honour his father’s name with their blood.

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