The Guilty Secret by M.L Rose

The Guilty Secret

The Guilty Secret by M.L Rose (Detective Arla Baker Series Book 7)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

ML Rose is the pen name of an Amazon best selling author. ML has always loved psychological thrillers. Lie For Me and Don’t Say It are stand alone novels.

A woman’s body hangs from the disused Battersea Power Station…
When Detective Arla Baker investigates, she discovers a cold case that has puzzled detectives for almost ten years. The Battersea Strangler was the nickname given to the killer who abducted three women. Their bodies were never found, and although a man was arrested, there was never sufficient evidence to convict him.
Meanwhile, someone is leaving strange photos of a baby at the door of Arla’s partner, Inspector Harry Mehta’s mother’s house. The messages grow, and Harry suspects his mother, Rita, is in danger, but from whom?
Then another girl disappears, very similar in appearance to the women abducted by the Battersea Strangler. When she appears dead, Arla knows she is up against a seasoned and bloodthirsty killer who will stop at nothing till his vicious desires are quenched.
And for some reason, his attention has now turned to Arla.
As another girl vanishes, and the danger to Harry’s mother grows, Arla has to work and look after her own baby daughter, Nicole. Arla knows she is fighting a battle on multiple fronts. A fight that might just overcome her this time…

Rita Mehta stood by the bedroom window, watching the street. Old Mr Parsons moved slowly down the pavement, leaning on his walking stick. Rita had known him for over forty years, ever since she moved to Battersea in the mid-seventies. Her eyes travelled to the gold-and-brown-bricked terraced house three doors opposite, where her best friend, Margaret—or Maggie, as she was better known—lived. Maggie Ahern was in her sixties, like Rita, and the two women had lived on this street together for two decades. Maggie’s husband had passed away at a tragic young age, before Rita arrived, and her only daughter had been mostly raised in a boarding school. Rita’s children had grown to adults and left home, an inexorable circle of life that had left both women clutching memories and each other’s company for comfort.

Rita saw the left upper-floor bedroom window’s curtain twitch and knew Maggie was at home. Probably doing the same thing as she was, which brought a smile to Rita’s lips. She had told Maggie about the funny envelope. Both of them felt peculiar about it, and shared a sense of unease.

A familiar black BMW pulled up on the road, and Rita watched her son’s tall form emerge from it. Harry glanced up at the house, and then marched up to the front door. He was alone, which meant Arla was with her granddaughter, Nicole. A smile lit up Rita’s entire face. Little Nicole was prettiest, sweetest thing she had seen in her whole life. The baby had brought a new lease on life for all of them, and she couldn’t wait to visit her again.

Rita moved swiftly down the stairs to open the door, although Harry had a set of keys.

“Hello Mum,” Harry said as he leaned down to peck her on the cheek. He didn’t smell of cigarettes, only aftershave, she noted approvingly. Fatherhood was already having a positive effect on her son.

“Hello beta,” she said, using the informal Indian word for son. “How is Nicole?”

“Sleeping now, having been up at night,” Harry grinned, stifling a yawn.

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