The Haunted Pendant by Tegan Maher

The Haunted Pendant

The Haunted Pendant by Tegan Maher (Paranormal Artifacts Cozy Mysteries #1)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

How was I supposed to know the town founders sank a trunk full of cursed objects?

Seriously, they should have at least put a warning label on it because had I known, I would have left it at the bottom of the ocean. But they didn’t, so I didn’t, and now we’ve set dozens of artifacts into the hands of the blissfully unaware non-magicals who live in our small town.

It’s not entirely my fault, though. Everything would have turned out fine had my pathologically organized sister not catalogued them and sent them to auction before I had a chance to test them for magical mojo. Now the items are scattered all over town, and I’ll have to track them down one by one.

Lucky for me, I’ve got a heaping helping of ancient magic coursing through my veins, a best friend who’s as powerful and loyal as he is sarcastic and charismatic, and a family with generations of experience managing dark artifacts behind us.

Join Sage Parker on her first adventure as she tracks down a pendant haunted by an angry spirit bent on finding a new body regardless of who she has to hurt to get it.

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