The Healing by Karen E. Stokes

The Healing

The Healing by Karen E. Stokes
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

When the past collides with the present…
It was an ordinary day in Friary Ridge when Jess took a wrong turn on the way home and, on the spur of the moment, acquired a book at the local market. When she discovers a photograph of a woman within, an indomitable spirit in the form of a small boy enters the life Jess shares with her seven-year-old son, Jonas.
A friendship develops between Jonas and the ghost boy, but something darker is lurking beneath the boy’s friendly demeanour. Meanwhile, Jess oscillates between reality and that of another dimension, her protective nature compromised by a dark and mysterious realm.
She begins to search for the lady in the photograph, who she believes is the ghost boy’s mother. Little did Jess realise that this would lead her to the heart of an undiscovered abhorrent crime, but who was responsible?
And what really happened that fateful hot summer’s day by the park lake?

Jess bathed in the stillness of early dawn following another fitful night. She was thankful that she didn’t have to go to work as the flower store was temporarily closed for a refit. Under normal circumstances, it was the ideal job, located within easy walking distance from home and school, owned by a dear sweet old lady called Edith, to whom she had grown remarkably close.

The silence was soon broken as she heard loud voices outside. She peered through the curtains of her bedroom window which overlooked the street and saw Parker tussling with two young guys. They were trying to grab his wallet that protruded from the back pocket of his shrunken trousers. Though she didn’t particularly know him or even like him, it was a disturbing to see such a frail old man being attacked strides from his own gate post. She bolted downstairs and ran outside, flailing her arms and squawking like an old fishwife.

“Leave him alone, you fucking hooligans,” she said, coughing as the words grazed her throat.

“Who are you, bitch?” one asked, inhaling the remains of a cigarette butt before blowing smoke in her face.

“I live here. Why are you trying to rob my neighbour?” she barked.

“He’s a fucking weirdo,” he said.

The other youth seemed less defensive and fidgety. “Come on, let’s go,” he said, edging backwards.

Jess was angry, but there would be little point trying to reason with scumbags. They were probably low-life opportunists or druggies looking to fund their next fix. Parker shuffled back home and the lads quickly fled the scene, leaving Jess to clean up the mess, as it were. “I’m going to call the police whether you like it or not,” she said, bellowing through Parker’s rusty letterbox.

Jess pondered over what could have been a very different situation if there had been any kind of weapon involved. Whilst her courage was commendable, leaping to the defence of another regardless of the risk wasn’t the wisest move.

Two police officers arrived within the hour and told her there had been a spate of similar attacks in the area. Jess warned them about Parker, who wasn’t the easiest of people to engage in conversation due to what she believed to be mild learning difficulties. She tried her best to describe the perpetrators, in particular, the surly one, who had a neck tattoo and wore a silver cross earring, but neither were truly distinguishable. It was hard to relay the exact details of the altercation, but the police officers noted down the dialog for future reference. Criminal disturbances were rare in such a close-knit community and local residents were usually diligent, aside from Parker whose passive peeping was habitual and of little use. The incident had left her a little shaken and feared she’d not heard the last of it.

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