The Heart of Destiny by Mason James Butler

The Heart of Destiny

The Heart of Destiny: How Far Would You Go to Control Your Fate? by Mason James Butler
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB | 6.8 MB

Strange lights in the hills, maniacal cultists, a war looming on the horizon. The industrial age may have brought lighter than air ships, but the problems it brought are here to stay. Shortly following a massive plague, the government instituted the Mattersphere act, assigning out jobs, schoolings, and destinies: Grand visions of what a person could be if they reached their maximum potential, all contained in a little ball. Many are satisfied with what their test results bring, but not many see the dark underpinnings of what it may imply.

Dominick Barnes is a conspiracy theorist who believes in just about every conspiracy there is. Orphaned by the plague, Dom looks for evidence connecting the mysterious circumstances that surround him, trying to find any link to how it may all connect. If he does, he may be able to use the truth as a bargaining chip to change his fate, if he can survive what finding the truth brings. When he goes too far, he releases an enemy far greater than he can comprehend, putting his fate and possibly even the worlds’ up to a roll of the dice.

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