The Hero’s Fall by Phillip Strang

 The Hero's Fall

The Hero’s Fall (DCI Cook Thriller Series Book 14) by Phillip Strang
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Phillip Strang is a well-travelled writer who has spent considerable time in many remote and exotic parts of the World installing telecommunication networks. A number of years in Afghanistan and Pakistan have given him a good insight into the culture of both of these countries, and an understanding of the problems they jointly share.

Angus Simmons had it made. A successful television program that he hosted, a beautiful girlfriend, and admired by many for his mountaineering exploits.
And then he fell while climbing a skyscraper in London. Initially, it was thought he had lost his grip, but that wasn’t the man: a meticulous planner, his risks measured, and it wasn’t a difficult climb, not for him.
It was only afterwards on examination that they found the mark of a bullet on his body.
It then became a murder, and that was when Detective Chief Inspector Isaac Cook and his Homicide team at Challis Street Police Station became interested.

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