The Homeless Omega by Rose Penny

The Homeless Omega

The Homeless Omega by Rose Penny (The Omega Pack Book 1)
English | 2021 |Romance MM| ePUB | 5 MB

A homeless omega. A rich alpha. Could they be fated mates?
Olliver is an omega who’s had a bad year. Left homeless after being abandoned by the last of his family, Olliver is just beginning to get back on his feet. Finally finding a job and making some friends, his life is starting to look better. But what happens when the rich, successful alpha he can’t get out of his mind is a regular at his new job?
Luca is an alpha who wants for nothing. Wealthy, successful and handsome, his life is great. Until he meets an omega that turns it all on its head. Is this omega the piece to complete Luca’s life?

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