The Hostage Diamond by David Leadbeater

 The Hostage Diamond

The Hostage Diamond by David Leadbeater
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

David Leadbeater is the Amazon Award Winning author of twenty three Kindle International Bestsellers, seventeen in the Matt Drake action/adventure series.

A priceless diamond with an ancient history. A lethal chase. An impossible resolution.
When a gang of rogue CIA agents steal a long-lost, ancient diamond with extraordinary ties to history, the relic hunters are drafted in to hunt them down. Forced to work with a new, threatening CIA hitman – named Kenny Pang – they start the dangerous and arduous process of tracking both the agents and the diamond.
From Luxembourg to the French Alps and through Paris they follow elusive, hard-won clues, coming up against carefully placed obstacles along the way. It becomes clear thar someone with high capabilities has helped cover the agents’ tracks, someone who calls themselves The Teacher.
With time running out until the diamond is lost forever to an anonymous collector, the original, violent owner running her own recovery mission, and Pang’s secret agenda emerging, the relic hunters come to terms with a stunning realisation – that the rogue group are what they aspire to be – free of the CIA – even as they are forced to close in for the final, deadly takedown.

It was the overbearing burden of dismal years, Daytona knew. Seeing worldly corruption first-hand, in all corners. Witnessing and carrying out orders designed to feather some guy’s nest or keep a politician installed at Capitol Hill. It was years of being on the inside with no way out. When you were at the bottom of the food chain, everyone bit chunks out of you.

Their skills and CIA resources eventually helped them pin down Rebecca DuBois. Through a combination of assets such as facial and voice rec, financial records and a chain of informants, they traced her. Hardly anything physical existed on Rebecca, but even she was brought down by the meagre footprints she’d left behind. Everyone made mistakes and hers had been to keep in touch with just a few of the criminals she’d helped along the way. The architect of so many audacious and brilliant robberies had been living quietly on the edge of Monaco, an unassuming, inconspicuous face among the thousands that liked to shine along Europe’s Riviera. Their operation to seize her had gone pretty much to plan.

Apart from one thing.

Rebecca’s pitch to them had been heartfelt. She’d pleaded that, instead of taking her in and making her work for the CIA, as they were tasked to do, would they consider an alternative?

“Just think,” Rebecca had said, turning from the monitor she’d been watching, where eight separate camera angles of her house proved that she had known they were coming every step of the way.

“Just think . . . I can free you from the CIA. I can make you rich. I can furnish you with new identities, spirit you away. That’s what I do. One job. One month. Give me that and I will give you everything that you desire.”

From her file, her previous jobs, Daytona and the others knew she wasn’t trying to deceive them. And Rebecca, seeing the indecision on their faces, forged ahead with her pitch.

“The Gala Diamond. Ever hear of it?”

As soon as the team shook their heads, still listening, Rebecca smiled.

“Then listen up. The Gala Diamond doesn’t officially exist. It’s a myth, made legendary by Hollywood. Recent history has it owned by a Saudi Prince named Fahd and, before that, one single family for a century. It got its name when the old Hollywood elite passed it among themselves during gala evenings, at parties. Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot, Katharine Hepburn; they all owned it at some point in their lives if only for a few short weeks. Or days. The Gala Diamond has true mythic value.”

“Then how do you know it exists?” Mangusta asked. “Perhaps it’s all a fiction like most of Hollywood’s creations.”

“If you want to know more come join me.” Rebecca pressed a remote control, opening the door to a far larger room where food and drink was laid out on a large wooden table. “Come join me now and listen to my plan. It will save both you and me. What do you say?”

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