The Hunt by Delicious David

The Hunt

The Hunt by Delicious David (Of Blood and Magic Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Having overcome the High Commission’s assault force by a hair’s breadth, Luke and Becca must now fulfill the prophecy and build their kingdom. To do this, Luke believes they must first find Tyrone, the traitor, who aided the destruction of the Kingdom of Vampires.
But no one has seen any Vampires in a hundred years. And the High Commission, sensing an uprising, has positioned armed soldiers at all entry points into Transylvania.
Will Lukai and Becca find the Vampire clan? Or will they get mowed down by the High Commission before they get the chance?

A flood of white fluorescent light bathed the oval room as three cloaked figures stepped in. The entire room rose to its feet to welcome the new entrants. Lined along the sides of the massive meeting table, sandwiched between the grey oak paneling and dark-brown ebony chairs was a host of the most highly ranked Wiccans, Lykae, and Vampire Hunters in all of Transylvania. They all had grim shadows on their faces, and before the figures walked in, there had been little to no banter. Guards with massive steel weapons hung in corners, peeled against the wall, yet on high alert.

There were three chairs at the head of the table, each of which was significantly larger than all the rest. The cloaked figures walked as if in a procession until they reached the massive seats. They each took a seat, and it was only after then that the room resumed a seated position.

The figures pulled back their hoods. To the left, wrapped in a cloak of camel brown was Bijou, head of the Lykae. He was a hulk of muscle and flesh, wrapped in a shawl of hair as thick as a forest. His eyes blazed dangerously as he surveyed the room. His discomfort was more than apparent to all who were seated. To the right, unveiled behind a cloak of grey the color of a snow owl, Timothy, liege of the Vampire Hunters, sat with a grave expression. His usually kind features were hardened from the burden of unwanted news, and occasionally he let out a raspy exhale that made the lieutenants closest to him shift uneasily in their seats.

Right at the center, ensconced in a cloak of fiery pink was the High Commissioner herself, Celine, queen of the Wiccans. She wasn’t what one would call old, but her face was sagely, and when she spoke her voice rang with wisdom and power and authority. Today, she cast her gaze methodically across the room in a panorama, eyes glinting like rubies in the sunlight. Her sharp, intelligent hawkish expression only added further tension to the room. In the silence, the air was thick as a slice of bread.

“Forces of the Transylvania High Commission,” she boomed, her expression not shifting even a little, “We have a problem on our hands.” She didn’t have to speak with her entire mouth open; everyone in the room was well aware of the terror that had unleashed itself on the streets of Transylvania three nights before. Lukai, a serial murderer King of Vampires, who had been chained down in an enchanted prison at the center of the earth for about three hundred years had somehow escaped and was now at large. Everyone in the room had attended Transylvania academy and taken Political History classes, where they had been inundated with stories of the great massacre that had forced the union of the once irreconcilable clans, and Lukai had been at the very center of it—the common enemy. His ruthless reign of terror and an endless appetite for killing, especially in his search for his fated mate from the prophecies, had made the Wiccans, Lykae, and Hunters band together for the first time ever, in their quest for self-preservation. And though the Lykae had vanished at the very last minute, creating a gulf which, fortunately, they had sealed soon after Lukai’s capture with strategic diplomacy, the coalition had been strong enough to end the threat. Until this moment.

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