The Ice Killer by Ross Greenwood

 The Ice Killer

The Ice Killer (DI Barton #3) by Ross Greenwood
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.2 MB

Ross Greenwood is an award-winning mystery and thriller author from Peterborough. Greenwood was born in Peterborough where he spent his childhood and most of his early adulthood years. After he left his hometown, he lived and worked all over the United States and across the world.

Once, her heart was empty. Now it’s filled with ice…
Ellen’s therapist told her to forget the past, but the life she’s left with is boring. All she wants is to be happy and normal, but the approaching long bleak nights of winter loom threateningly in front of her, especially as she’ll be alone.
When the secrets her mother put in place to protect her are uncovered, Ellen learns the frightening truth. Her history is darker than she imagined. She’s not who she thinks she is, and the real her is a very different person to the one that others have mistreated and exploited.
If she has any hope for a future, Ellen must find answers about the past. This winter, there will be vengeance on Ellen’s mind, and DI Barton will struggle in his hardest case to date.
How can he find the truth when all the victims and witnesses are dead?

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