The Illuminati Sanctum by David Leadbeater

 The Illuminati Sanctum

The Illuminati Sanctum (The Relic Hunters 6) by David Leadbeater
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5 MB

David Leadbeater is the Amazon Award Winning author of twenty three Kindle International Bestsellers, seventeen in the Matt Drake action/adventure series.

Part one of a two-part adventure!
When the Relic Hunters escape the clutches of the CIA and settle on a Mexican ranch, little do they know that they’re about to be attacked by the Illuminati. Captured and dragged away to an ancient castle, they are questioned, tortured and tormented in preparation for their execution.
But when the Illuminati reveal the existence of an apocalyptic prophecy that will lead the world into disaster, Bodie and his friends escape, embarking upon a desperate, wild quest to find the world’s ten most powerful sanctums. These good and evil sanctums, all centred around powerful ley lines, hold the keys to victory or defeat, and the start of a new world.
From the great Pyramid of Egypt to the Algerian Megalithic ruins and the ancient haunts of Karachi, they engage in a running battle to beat the Illuminati. Then, after heading back for a confrontation at Atlantis, they face an epic showdown in the savage and ferocious Himalayas, in sight of Mount Everest, a battle that may cost them all their lives . . .

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