The Impossible Future by Frank Kennedy

The Impossible Future

The Impossible Future: Complete set by Frank Kennedy
English | 2021 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 6 MB

One night in a small town will change two universes in this relentless, action-packed saga. The clock is running out on Jamie Sheridan, who carries a genetically-engineered time bomb inside him. In eight hours, he will become a god, a monster, or he will die. He fights to survive against all hope, with his best friends Michael Cooper and Samantha Huggins at his side. Their desperate quest will take them into another universe, where a galactic empire stands on the brink, and the balance of forty worlds is about to be shattered. Destinies will be formed, friends and lovers will face betrayal, the fire of war will grow, and an ancient force will rise.


BOOK 1: The Last Everything
BOOK 2: The Risen Gods
BOOK 3: The Reversing Tide
BOOK 4: The Promised Few
BONUS: In the Shadow of the Rings

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