The Imprisoned Earth by Vaughn Heppner

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The Imprisoned Earth

The Imprisoned Earth by Vaughn Heppner
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

The Imprisoned Earth : Jason Bain was more than just a barbarian surviving the Third Nuclear World War. He had book learning, and plenty of it, and knew something was damned strange when he found himself on an ancient alien warship in far Earth orbit.

An angel-like being waking from eons of stasis was giving him a mission. She’d just used fantastic super-science to encase the Earth in a crystalline crust, putting everyone into suspended animation.

Jason was humanity’s last hope—not that the alien gave a quantum leap about that. She wanted him to do some killing for her, and gave him a digitized soul embedded in a computer slate for help, and inserted a Lorelai worm around his spine for motivation. Then she beamed him a crazy number of light-years into the Orion Arm.

Now Jason has to survive a cruel universe if he hopes to get back to the Solar System someday. He’s also going to need some super-science of his own to free his planet. The trouble is…that could take years.

“I was tall, like I said, had enough muscles that most people considered me strong, and was a Wolf Clan warrior of Nevada. In hand-to-hand combat, I had no doubt I could lick any three civilized men. I wore an Allan Corporation military cap, fatigues and combat boots. A half-hour ago, an instructor had told me to report here. He had specifically said to come unarmed. Now, I knew why.

I obeyed Wolf Clan customs, but no one had ever accused Jason Bain of being tame. I could read and reason and had learned combat skills from Elder Dan. I’d also learned through harsh experience, the most ruthless teacher of all. I knew life was hard and seldom fair. I also knew that where one was ordered to come unarmed, there it was best to go armed.

The Allan Corporation had been running my captured clan warriors and me through many tests. I had lost three companions-at-arms during them, and had vowed to lose no more.

The lethal cat man watched me as he slunk nearer, lightning death on two feet. He hissed, crouching lower, no doubt getting ready to spring. Yet, I saw a moment of hesitation in him. Maybe he could not understand why I had not moved from my original position. Likely, that confused him, although it would not last long.”


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