The Indian Rebellion, 1857–1859 by James Frey

The Indian Rebellion 1857–1859

The Indian Rebellion, 1857–1859: A Short History with Documents (Passages: Key Moments in History) by James Frey
English | 2020 |Non-Fiction > History| ePUB | 3.6 MB

Frey’s concise and readable history of the Indian Rebellion is an excellent introduction to one of the most important wars of the nineteenth century. The rebellion lasted more than a year and pitted broad sections of north Indian society against the British East India Company. British victory consolidated colonial rule that would only be dislodged by twentieth-century nationalist movements. Frey provides a crystal-clear account of the causes, principal events, and consequences of the rebellion. Equally importantly, he deftly discusses why the rebellion remains controversial. Well-chosen documents add texture to the analysis. This is the best short history of the rebellion in print.”
—Ian Barrow, Middlebury College

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