The Inner Darkness by Jorn Lier Horst

The Inner Darkness

The Inner Darkness (Cold Case Quartet #3) by Jorn Lier Horst
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.6 MB

The chilling and heart-pounding new novel from Norwegian superstar Jørn Lier Horst.
After four years behind bars, notorious serial killer Tom Kerr is ready to talk.
And Chief Inspector William Wisting is waiting to listen.
Kerr has finally agreed to lead the police to his final victim’s grave.
But the expedition goes horribly wrong after his escape deep into the Norwegian forest.
Wisting must launch a frantic search to find this cold-blooded killer before he strikes again.
But the body of another woman, killed weeks before, has been found.
Murdered in the same way as Kerr’s victims.
Is there a copycat killer on the loose?
Has Kerr become a twisted role model for a second killer?
And, if so, what might happen if master and apprentice unite?
As the clock counts down to the next murder, Wisting must put everything on the line to stop a terrifying evil before it strikes again.

Line raised her head to peer through the door’s wire-mesh window. She could see him at the end of the corridor. Tom Kerr, walking towards her, escorted by prison wardens in front and behind.

He had changed.

Immediately after his arrest and during his trial four years earlier, his face had been splashed across all the media. Smooth shaven and with dark eyes and thick, cropped hair. Well groomed, in an effort to create a good impression. Now he looked more like the man he really was, someone capable of the crimes for which he was behind bars. His shoulders were broader, his chest thrust further forward. A curtain of hair hung over his forehead and his pale complexion was flawed. His angry eyes stared straight ahead as he chewed gum with his mouth open, a froth of saliva collecting in one corner of his mouth.

When he reached the door separating him from the waiting police officers, keys rattled while Tom Kerr moved his head from side to side, hoisted his shoulders and rolled them, as if to loosen stiff muscles.

Line glanced across at Adrian Stiller, who nodded in response.

She lifted her camera and took a step back, ready to film.

The prison warden opened the door, sending a cold draught into the room. Tom Kerr’s mouth stretched into a smile, as if someone had said something that amused him. As he crossed the threshold, Line caught him in her lens and started recording. He was wearing blue jeans, a grey T-shirt and a dark training jacket.

Adrian Stiller stepped forward to enter the picture. Half a head shorter than the man facing him, he held a folder in one hand and a radio transmitter in the other, making it impossible to shake hands.

‘Tom Kerr,’ Stiller said in an artificial, formal tone. ‘You’ve agreed to take part in a crime-related site visit.’ He glanced at the camera. ‘Everything you say will be recorded and form part of your legal statement. However, you can seek assistance from, and confer with, your lawyer as we progress, without that being recorded.’

Line zoomed out to include Claes Thancke in the picture. The defence lawyer, dressed in a dark suit, wore a pair of black shoes hardly suitable for the forthcoming expedition.

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