The Invisible City by M.C. Roberts, R.F. Maclay

 The Invisible City

The Invisible City (Tom Wagner #3) by M.C. Roberts, R.F. Maclay
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 6 MB

M.C. Roberts is the pen name of an successful entrepreneur and blogger. Adventure stories have always been his passion: after recording a number of superhero audiobooks on his father’s old tape recorder as a six-year-old, he postponed his dream of writing novels for almost 40 years, and worked as a marketing director, editor-in-chief, DJ, opera critic, communication coach, blogger, online marketer and author of trade books…but in the end, the call of adventure was too strong to ignore.

R.F. Maclay is the pen name of an outstanding graphic designer and advertising filmmaker. His international career began as an electrician’s apprentice, but he quickly realized that he was destined to work creatively. His family and friends were skeptical at first…but now, 20 years later, the passionate, self-taught graphic designer and filmmaker has delighted record labels, brand-name products and tech companies with his work, as well as making a name for himself as a commercial filmmaker and illustrator. He’s also a walking encyclopedia of film and television series.

A lost culture. A vicious trap. A mystical lair.

Tom Wagner, archaeologist Hellen de Mey and gentleman crook Francois Cloutard are about to embark on their first official assignment from Blue Shield – but when Tom receives an urgent call from the Vatican, things start to move quickly. With the help of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, they discover clues to an age-old myth: the Russian Atlantis. And a murderous race to find an ancient, long-lost relic leads them from Cuba to the Russian hinterlands. What mystical treasure lies buried beneath Nizhny Novgorod? Who laid the evil trap? And what does it all have to do with Tom’s grandfather?

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