The Italian In Need Of An Heir by Lynne Graham

The Italian In Need Of An Heir

The Italian In Need Of An Heir by Lynne Graham (Cinderella Brides for Billionaires #1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.8 MB

He’s negotiating the deal of a lifetime
and everything is at stake!

No-one rejects Raffaele Manzini. Gorgeous, ruthless and successful, he gets what he wants. But strong-willed Maya Campbell is his biggest challenge yet. For if he’s to acquire the company he most desires, they must marry and have a child…

At first, Raffaele’s proposal shocks maths prodigy Maya. Yet her beloved family is in financial ruin, and this is her chance to save them! Maya’s head might be saying no to the maddeningly attractive Italian, but her body – and her heart – are saying a very emphatic ‘yes’…!

‘And if you want to acquire the other company, which will dovetail perfectly with mine, you marry the beauty. I know that nothing less than a beauty would tempt a man of your…shall we say…appetites?’ Aldo savoured, delighted by the reality that he had contrived to freeze Raffaele in his tracks and that the homework he had done on the nature of his great-grandson had paid off.

Like Aldo, Raffaele was a ruthless bastard in business, a tough and demanding employer and bone-deep ambitious. As Aldo had once been, he was a connoisseur of beautiful women. Like Aldo, what excited Raffaele the most was a challenge in the business field. But Raffaele had had too much too soon and too young, too much money, too much success, too many women. He needed something or someone to ground him back in the real world. Inwardly chuckling, Aldo watched Raffaele lifting the file he had, moments earlier, refused to even look at: the honey trap.

Raffaele stared down at the colour photograph. She was tall and she was naturally fair with long silky hair to her waist, flawless porcelain skin and eyes the fresh colour of spring ferns. Her features were…perfect, classical. But beautiful women were two a penny in his world and he would sooner have cut off his right arm than marry anyone and have a child. He flipped past the photo and discovered that she had an IQ higher than his own and Raffaele was twice as clever as most people. Now the thought of an intelligent beauty had considerable appeal to a man long convinced that all truly beautiful women were either mad as hatters like his late mother or insipid and shallow and so in love with their own looks that they had never bothered to work on having anything else to offer the world. Maya Campbell, Lucia Parisi’s daughter, however, would be another experience entirely…

‘I’m handing her to you on a plate. My representatives are already calling in the debts her family owes. You can ride in like a white knight and offer her a rescue package.’

‘To be blunt, I’m not the “white knight” type,’ Raffaele interposed drily. ‘If I go for this, I’ll be straight all the way. I don’t put on an act. I refuse to be anyone other than who I am.’

‘So speaks an immensely privileged young man,’ Aldo commented.

A carelessly graceful shrug was Raffaele’s response. He had few illusions about his own character but there were few people alive who knew what he had suffered as a child and adolescent, a live toy for a woman with mental health issues to play with, abused one day, over-indulged the next. He didn’t do self-pity any more than he did compassion. He didn’t trust people and it hadn’t harmed him. He didn’t care about people and it had kept him safe as an adult from the nightmares that had haunted his childhood. If you had no expectations, you didn’t get disappointed. That approach worked efficiently for him.

He hoped it would work for Maya Campbell as well because he wanted those companies. He would take them and, whatever it took, he would whip them into shape again, restoring both business enterprises to fresh growth and profitability.

‘I’m getting tired,’ Aldo was forced to admit, his head starting to droop. ‘Will I call in my lawyer?’

Raffaele smiled his very rare smile. ‘Thank you for an entertaining experience, Aldo. And the prospect of even more entertainment on the horizon.’

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