The Izmir Situation by J.E. Higgins

The Izmir Situation

The Izmir Situation by J.E. Higgins : Book 4
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

J.E. Higgins is a former soldier who spent twelve years in the U.S. military, first as an infantryman in the Marine Corps and then in the military police with the Army. He holds a B.A. in Government and a Masters in Intelligence; Intelligence Operations. He writes The Sauwa Catcher Series–which readers have called “pulse-poundingly realistic”–as well as the Gun-for-Hire books, The Montevideo Game and The Devil’s Shadow.

The clock is ticking… Sauwa’s boss (and captor) — international arms merchant Andre Valikov — is suddenly ambushed and kidnapped in what was supposed to be a routine meeting with ‘clients.’

Now with a razor-thin timeline she has less than forty-eight hours to locate and rescue him. If she fails, information on her whereabouts and cover identities will be sent to all the governments pursuing her.

Once again living by her wits, experience, and relying on an unpredictable group she’s managed to assemble, she sets out combing the streets of Izmir on a search that will inevitably lead her and her team into a deadly showdown with a dangerous and very capable enemy.

But while Sauwa tracks her boss, another threat looms. South African intelligence is once again on her trail. They’ve dispatched former anti-Apartheid guerrilla hunter, Jaimie Nawati, to Turkey to find her and bring her in…or eliminate her.

Caught in a vicious game of cat and mouse Sauwa works to find Valikov unaware that Nawati is one step behind.

Raising her free hand, she hooked her thumb into her belt as she began casually walking toward the two men. If by chance, Slava should suddenly turn and notice her, she would just act as if she was out for a walk and join her compatriots in their conversation. The best disguise in such circumstances was to be as ordinary and non-threatening as possible. Even if she missed her chance here, keeping up appearances and not alerting her target to any danger assured her of the possibility for another chance later.

Slowly she closed the distance on her prey; a predator disguised as a harmless girl who was a few inches shorter than Slava. As she neared them, she began to catch powerful whiffs of the rank body odor emanating from both men. The smell was nearly overwhelming as each gust of wind delivered yet another nauseating dose. Kaslovich played his part well. He gave not the slightest hint of her presence. She was a short distance from her target as she watched Slava’s large body jiggle like pudding with every outburst of laughter.

Slava was jabbering away on a subject he seemed quite excited about and entirely oblivious to the world around him. At one point he raised his arms towards Kaslovich and began using exaggerated motions outlining perfect hourglass curves. It was clear the direction of the conversation had gone to the oh-so-favorite subject of sex.

Coming up right behind him she had turned her head to divert the exhale of her breath away from his back allowing it to mix in the wind. Gripping the screwdriver in her fist, she moved with quick, catlike dexterity. Closing, she drew back her weapon bringing her arm to shoulder height while stepping back with her right foot to steady her body and give her more momentum. With a powerful catapulting thrust she launched the weapon like a missile driving it into the base of the unsuspecting man’s head. There was a popping sound as the tip of the screwdriver tore into the unsuspecting man.

She was surprised by the ease with which the thin steel rod entered her victim, penetrated the thick layer of fatty tissue, then reached the muscle and nerves just above the neck viciously severing the brain stem. It took less than a second. Slava abruptly stopped speaking in mid-sentence as his body went limp and crumpled to the floor.

Kaslovich quickly grabbed the man’s body and wrestled to lean it against the railing. Releasing her grip on her weapon, Sauwa grabbed hold of the corpse to steady it. Slava’s body was a heavy muscular tub that rolled along the rails with the motion of the sea making it hard to control. Kaslovich was finally able to force enough of the dead man’s weight over the side to make it manageable. Sauwa knelt and took hold of the dead man’s legs. Heaving upward she and her accomplice were able to force the body overboard. A second later they heard the splash. Unable to see anything in the dark, Kaslovich pulled out a large mag flashlight from under his coat and flicked it on. The beam illuminated the hump of Slava’s lifeless body as it floated away.

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