The Jabberwock by Ninie Hammon

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The Jabberwock by Ninie Hammon (Nowhere, USA #1)
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.3 MB

The sorceress of psychological suspense is back with the first book in her highly-anticipated new Nowhere, USA series. Ninie Hammon pulls out all the stops in The Jabberwock — a book that will keep you up through the night till the very last page.

Nower County was never a hard place to leave. But now, leaving is impossible.

When drunk teenagers add letters to the Welcome to Nower County sign, making it Welcome to NoWherE County, nobody repaints it. Because, Why bother? Everyone knows they live in the middle of nowhere.

Children’s book author Charlie McClintock and her three-year-old daughter, Merrie, return home to settle Charlie’s recently deceased mother’s affairs. It’s the first time since high school graduation that she and childhood friends Sam Sheridan and Malachi Tackett have been reunited.

A beat of happiness before Charlie experiences an unexplainable disaster. A bizarre storm blows through the Appalachian Mountains and literally wipes Nowhere County off the map. The outside world forgets the tiny town ever existed, and no one can leave. Anyone who tries wakes up in the Dollar General Store parking lot with blinding headaches, gushing nosebleeds, and no clue what happened to them. Locals name the shimmering mirage on the county line that imprisons them the Jabberwock.

Abby Clayton thinks it’s Charlie’s pet. Desperate to bring her baby home from the hospital across county lines, Abby is the only person who has dared to “ride the Jabberwock” more than once. She believes that it spoke to her. Brain-damaged, barely able to walk from her injuries, Abby hatches a deranged plot to force Charlie to make the Jabberwock set them free. Will Malachi manage to stop her and save Charlie and Merrie in time? And more importantly, will Abby survive one last ride on the Jabberwock?

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