The Kay Sister #3 by Levi Fuller

The Kay Sister #3

The Kay Sister #3 by Levi Fuller (Turquoise Valley Book 3)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 7 MB

Rosa Kay is struggling to keep her life from falling apart.
Everything was turned upside down when a body was found in her small town with links to her father’s murder. Her eldest sister is still missing, and her youngest sister’s childlike worldview makes her a wildcard. Her relationship with Mark Fell is growing complicated, and her partnership with the reclusive Mr. Melbourne has raised more unpleasant gossip. She didn’t ask for any of this, and she doubts everything and everyone, even herself.
Now, Rosa has the FBI breathing down her neck. The stakes are getting higher in this dangerous game, and the secrets her family has been keeping for years begin to weigh more heavily upon her. Rosa doesn’t know who to trust, but she does know if she trusts the wrong person, things will turn deadly, and there is no telling who will get hurt.

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