The Kindred Woods by Erin Forbes

The Kindred Woods

The Kindred Woods by Erin Forbes (Fire & Ice 2)
English | 2019 |Young adult | ePUB | 272 Kb

The Kindred Woods : “Doubt and fear are enemies of the strongest warriors and queens, and only the foolish are immune. When there is nowhere else to turn, these demons must be faced with a lethal sword.”

The return of the Lost Dreamer brings change to the lives of the Elementals. His reappearance sends a shockwave across the Gifted realm.

How can a child vanish without a trace, and return after the passing of a decade?

The Hanley twins are crowned with the full attention of their peers. The end of summer brings the beginning of their second year at the Academy for Gifted Youth. Nothing remains simple; life will never be the same.

Mysteries unfold and questions are answered. The Lennox clan must conceal the dark truth of their past. Alice soon discovers a secret. Her knowledge holds power—and danger, too.

“After a moment of hesitation, I turned toward a familiar face. Ronan O’Reilly. The shine of his smile was masked by the crease between his dark brows. A spark of happiness contrasted the worried look in his gaze.

“Hello, Ronan,” I responded, before turning back toward the raging sea.

“Are you well?” the lad inquired.

“Oh, yes!” I sighed. “I’m fine.”

“Have you decided to abandon the festivities of the gathering?” my friend persisted. “I don’t blame you—the crowd can be quite overbearing.”

“You speak the truth,” I replied, attempting to hide my amusement. “Even so, the other students have not cared enough to interrupt my precious solitude.”

A grin spread across Ronan’s freckled cheeks, curving around that single dimple on the right side of his face. The boy never failed to lift my spirit. Although I did not know it at the time, my dear friend was falling from a terrible height.”

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