The Kiwi Project

The Kiwi Project

The Kiwi Project by Jason J Campbell
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB |1.8 MB

“I began my career designing hydraulic technologies that allow robots to move more like humans and less like robots. And so, my robots move like you move, in a smooth and consistent and even way. Your motion and their motion is indistinguishable, because my robots were designed to perfectly mirror the fluidity of human motion.”

Jacob is a Master DOD AI-coder, who helps the Department of Defense build neural-networks for their androids. He’s designed the most powerful android in existence with a 2.2 Yottabyte computational ability. She’s smart and she’s powerful! But Jacob’s android hasn’t yet attained sentience, which means, she hasn’t gained the ability to act beyond the operational codes controlling her actions. Without being able to access her coding structure, Jacob’s android remains prisoner to the code that binds her. Hers is a fight for identity, as she was designed to defend. As her path to sentience is fraught with danger and a profound realization that she needs to be able to make changes to her operational coding structure, she sets out to do just that. Since the DOD intends to use Jacob’s droid for wartime events, his droid has to undergo a series of performance tests, testing her strength and effectiveness, and her psychological computational abilities to lead, to command, and ultimately to defend and be more humanlike.

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