The Last Dance by TR Cameron,Martha Carr, Michael Anderle

The Last Dance

The Last Dance by TR Cameron,Martha Carr, Michael Anderle (Scions of Magic Book 8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I’m TR Cameron, Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction author. I’ve been an avid consumer of the genres since I was six, I think, when I broke the seal on my Dad’s copies of the Asimov Foundation books. Shortly after, it was Dragonlance and Drizzt. It’s been all downhill since then.

It’s time for Cali’s Last Dance. What battles lay ahead? Resolutions are at hand, above and below the waves.

In New Orleans, the leaders of the Atlantean gang are trying to secure their control of the city. Cali and her friends are an obstacle to overcome, and the long-running feud is down to a final fight for all the marbles.

In New Atlantis, Empress Shenni pulls the strings of her puppets, setting up a showdown between House Leblanc and House Malniet. This one isn’t about control; it’s about survival. Lives are the table stakes for this game. Can Cali keep everyone safe?

Success will depend on Cali mastering Defender, her family’s sentient heirloom sword, and fighting better than she ever has before. Even then, she’s going to need a lot of help and a ton of luck to come out on top.

She was sure her confusion showed on her face as she complied, placed the hilt on the right, and balanced the weapon on her thighs. “What’s all this, then?” Her attempt at a humorous British accent failed to draw a smile from her companion.

Nylotte shook her head. “It’s time for a challenge. You mentioned testing the sword. That is something we must do and there’s no occasion like the present.”

“I only got it last night. Do we have to do everything today? I could use a nap.” Again, the joke failed. Okay, fine, be that way. “What do we need to discover?”

She smiled. “The most important thing of all. Whether the sword will choose to work with you or against you.”


The Drow nodded. “It’s almost certain your sword is sentient. That can be a bonus or it can be a nightmare. If you’re unable to convince the blade to be your ally, it will be useless for anything more than hanging on a wall as a symbol of your house’s former strength.”

Ouch. “Leblanc is stronger than several of the other houses.”

Her teacher shrugged. “Perhaps, but it’s irrelevant. Eventually, someone will force you into a position where you need to defend against a weapon like that.” She gestured at the sword. “And when they do, if you don’t have the same bond with yours that they have with theirs, you’re unlikely to succeed.”

“It doesn’t matter. If the house is defeated, so be it. Atreo can come live with me on the surface and New Atlantis can go to hell.”

“And what if the sword’s cooperation is necessary to free your brother?”

A chill started at her toes and had become a stabbing icicle by the time it reached her brain. The idea that she had yet another thing to do to release Atreo from his magical stasis—other than beating the antidote for the poison out of the Malniets—hadn’t even been a tiny possibility in her mind. Nylotte had wrecked the serenity that accompanied the apparent illusion of progress.

“Damn it. Do you really think that’s possible?”

Something that hinted toward sympathy appeared in the Drow’s eyes, but it flickered away as quickly as it had arrived. “We don’t know. Which is why we need to find out. Now, here, and in a controlled way.”

Cali sighed. “Okay, tell me what you want me to do.”

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