The Last Human by Ben Klarich

The Last Human

The Last Human by Ben Klarich
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Earth is lost.

Like the human colony on Mars and Lunar City, it was destroyed by an alien race called the Rhians. Aggressors in a war against humankind, the Rhians are stronger, more advanced, and more brutal than any other known species.

The conflict is over; only one human remains.

Felix stares across a distant planet, orbiting on a space station as his last refuge. What will become of him? A prisoner? An exhibit at a zoo?

Hatching a plan to escape, he chooses freedom. After all, it rests with him to keep his kind from extinction.

Protected by a formidable commander, pursued by a resourceful intelligence officer, Felix must navigate strange worlds and high political stakes to find his way.

‘Good morning, good day and good evening, wherever you are on this planet we call home. I’m Sunitra Gomez, and in this darkest hour for humanity, I am sitting with Doctor Kei Nikori, former astronaut and one of the first humans to travel through an intergalactic wormhole,’ she turned from Victor.

‘Dr Nikori, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.’

‘It is my pleasure,’ Nikori replied, not entirely sure where to look, with Victor moving around and Sunitra fixed in place. 

‘Now doctor, as we sit here in Cisco Bay City, there is a shadow cast from above. Our brothers and sisters are fighting against the Rhians, aggressors in a war we have waged for half a decade. Our atmosphere is the last line of defence. If this is humanity’s last stand, I wanted to come here today and ask you; how did it come to this?’ 

Nikori sighed.

How had it all come to this? What had gone so wrong over the years since first contact with extra-terrestrials?

‘I believe it started when we evolved,’ Nikori began, only to be cut off by his eager interviewer.

‘When the Paragons emerged?’

‘Well, I see it as human evolution rather than emergence. Our new neighbours call themselves the Paragons, but their scientific name is Homo Genetica. And thankfully, they didn’t kill off the inferior species,’ he coughed. 

‘I would argue they left us to die. We certainly couldn’t count on our evolutionary superiors from Paragon for assistance in the war effort. Nor the Synians from planet Fell,’ Sunitra had some bite.

‘The Synians are a peaceful race. As are the Paragons.’

‘Is being peaceful the same as condemning a species to die on their own?’ Sunitra’s breathing became audible, verging on frantic. 

‘Perhaps you are right,’ Nikori replied, wary of the politics in any broader answer. 

‘And how do you link the Paragon evolution to the war with Rhia?’ The reporter asked with more control. 

‘When the Paragons left Earth all those years ago, annexing part of Mars as their own, humanity developed a – well I think it was always there -‘ he was getting lost in his thoughts. 

‘What was always there?’

‘An inferiority complex,’ Nikori finished his thought. ‘A desire to be the apex, the top of every chain, not just food but intellectually as well.’

Sunitra frowned, glancing off to Victor. Nikori was sure he had said something wrong, but with all the things swirling in his head, he couldn’t pick out which.

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