The Last Hurrah by Emmy Ellis

 The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah by Emmy Ellis (DI Bethany Smith Book 10)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Emmy Ellis writes mystery and psychological thriller.

DI Bethany Smith has had enough. A man, dubbed The Creep, has been phoning her, saying he’s got bodies for her to find beneath the rubble. He’s been hounding her for months, and her nerves are shot. Especially when he brings DS Mike Wilkins into it, hinting her partner is in danger.
The Creep is a confused soul, forced to kill by Simon, a man who had a terrible childhood. More often than not, Simon spent time in a locked cupboard, and the wallpaper in there means he expects The Creep to do a certain thing for him every time he abducts a woman.
What is The Little Hospital, and why is it so important to The Creep?
Why does Simon insist The Creep takes his medication?
Who are the ‘visitors’, and why do they insist on returning after The Creep has killed them?
Bethany has some other questions she needs to answer. Can she continue in her job now she’s been targeted as The Creep’s plaything? Where are the bodies, and why is one of them in the canal?
And finally, is this case the last hurrah?

“This isn’t a joke, Detective Inspector Smith. I fail to see why you find it so funny. The way you laughed like that tells me you’re not taking me seriously. That isn’t something I’d advise,” the man said.

In the incident room, Bethany clutched the phone tightly, wondering who the hell this was on the other end of the line again. “I don’t find this funny, far from it. I laughed because you’ve got a nerve keep calling me, wasting my time. You can be arrested for that, you know.”

“Oh, I know. You’ll have several nerves touched by the time I’ve finished with you. Especially if I decide to come and get your partner. I heard you rely on him. Mike, isn’t it?” He laughed. “Yes, he’s the key to getting you to listen to me, I do believe.”

“Your threats are pointless,” Bethany said, even though she was shitting bricks now Mike had been mentioned. “I have a job to do regardless of whether Mike is with me or not, so you suggesting you’re going to ‘get’ him isn’t going to upset me.” The words burnt her tongue; they didn’t feel right because they were lies. She loved Mike as a mate, and anything happening to him would destroy her. Shit, she’d almost lost her cool then, had wanted to call this bloke all the names under the sun for involving Mike.

“Oh, come now. Don’t tell me you’d put your job over Mike in the importance scale. I won’t believe you if you try to convince me of it.”

“Look, what the hell do you want?” Bethany snapped.

She’d allowed her emotions to get in the way when she was supposed to be calm, keeping the man talking.

“You’ll see, Detective, you’ll see.”

A click went off in Bethany’s ear, and she cursed. She’d fucked up, well and truly.

“Shit. Shit!” She paced the room. “Don’t say a word, all right? I know what I did. Next time—”

“You’d better hope there is a next time,” Kribbs said.

They’d chosen to remain here long after the team had left for the day, expecting the call that had riled Bethany to the point of wanting to scream. It had been one of many where he’d given snippets of information that hinted something bad was going to happen but he hadn’t said exactly what. Normally they’d ignore such calls—there were so many whack jobs around it was unreal—but this bloke knew too much about Bethany that it was clear he’d been watching her for a while.

And if he’s been watching me, he’s been watching Mike. Jesus Christ.

The worry of it all had shredded Bethany’s nerves and had her seriously thinking of leaving her job. It was too much, the calls, the final straw in a bale she’d stacked, a defence mechanism, something she clung to, that stopped her thinking about her lonely life outside of work. It seemed the man ringing her had forced her to evaluate her world and decide what was more important—her mental well-being, Mike’s safety, or solving crimes.

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