The Last Laugh by Michelle Dorey

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The Last Laugh by Michelle Dorey (The Hauntings Of Kingston #6)
English | 2020|Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Horror| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Some secrets should have stayed buried…

Finding the century home in the idyllic lakeside town of Westport was the best thing that could have happened to Sharon. She’d turn it into a B&B and finally run her own business. Who said that it was all downhill at fifty? This is a change of life all right—a change for the better. She and Peter could slide right into being empty nesters.

Except…the Victorian era place isn’t quite as vacant as they thought. It begins with puzzling events like a TV set turning on by itself…then some flickering lights…nothing big; just new house jitters, right? The house was just a new home Sharon would get used to. They’d get an electrician in, and that would be that.

Or is it something else? Years ago, Liam Gallagher, a hard working man who loved practical jokes and pranks died in a tragic accident. Or was it an accident?

As Sharon tries to uncover these long buried secrets, her own bizarre past comes back to haunt her. As a young child, she had a ‘gift’ of an otherworldly nature. She could find lost items, know peoples’ secrets and even have foretelling of dangerous events. It faded when she matured, and she never spoke of it. But it’s back now.
With a vengeance.

Rage and long past hatreds are resurrected. Sharon and her family aren’t just in the way. They’re the newest victims. It’s time for one last laugh.

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