The Last to Leave by Erica Lee

 The Last to Leave

The Last to Leave by Erica Lee
English | 2021|Romance FF| ePUB | 7 MB

Erica Lee is new to the writing scene. She wrote her first book “Dear Santa: I’m Gay” in December 2016, which is a fictional story that closely resembles some of the feelings she experienced while coming out. She got into writing because she saw the need for more LGBT representation. She has three books published at this point – Dear Santa: I’m Gay, Cindy: A Modern Day Cinderella Story, and Life Begins With You. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family, bunny, and chinchilla.

Courtney Fields and Nicole Dawson were high school rivals who thought they would never have to deal with each other again. Eight years after graduating, the two are thrown back together on a trip to Cabo with their two best friends.

Throughout the trip, they quickly learn they get under each other’s skin in more ways than one. When their sexual chemistry becomes too much to ignore, they decide to fan the flames. Sleeping with your enemy isn’t such a bad idea when you’re never going to see them again, right?

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