DCI Boyd Series by Alex Scarrow (1, 3-4)

The Last Train

DCI Boyd Series by Alex Scarrow (1, 3-4)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

1. Silent Tide – A sinking boat is spotted a few miles off the south coast.
Waiting onboard, is a grisly discovery.
​DCI Bill Boyd – recently relocated from London to Hastings – is now with the East Sussex CID and his first case is that of a local business man and his new young wife, missing in the English Channel.
All that remains of them is a grisly discovery aboard their half-submerged yacht and a digital trail that could put Boyd and his daughter, Emma, in danger.

3. Burning Truth – When a fire destroys a landmark home in Hastings and ‘national treasure’ Sir Arthur Sutton’s body is found in the debris, it seems that arson may be to blame. But, who would want the old man dead? Could it be his children – both with a strong motive? Or his ex-wife? His live-in carer? Or perhaps its one of those Westminster ‘chums’ he got to know during his short spell in the Cabinet? Boyd had better find out before he becomes another detail for someone to tidy up.

4. The Last Train – Returning home from a police conference DCI BOYD catches the last train back to Hastings from Brighton, unaware that he’s about to play a central role in what will become a sensational news story.
But Boyd is reluctant to get caught up in the media hype or have his face plastered across the tabloids, particularly when it turns that what happened aboard the train may be the final act of a horrific and tragic story.


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