The Last War Box Set by Peter Bostrom

The Last War Box Set

The Last War Box Set by Peter Bostrom (#1-3)
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB | 6 MB

A Space Station Destroyed…

As America celebrates 20 years of peace with the Chinese, Admiral Jack Mattis goes on an inspection tour of the first joint American-Chinese space station. Tensions remain high, but lasting peace in our time finally looks possible. Out of nowhere, the unthinkable happens. A mysterious alien force appears, obliterating an American space station, and aiming straight for the joint US-PRC base Mattis is touring, sending the defenders scrambling. It’s impossible. In a hundred years of deep space exploration, aliens were never to be found. Until now.

A War Hero on the Run…

The aliens are relentless. And unthinkably powerful. Their ships sweep the defenders aside in a rain of fire, shrapnel, and terror. All appears lost. But Admiral Jack Mattis has won his share of desperate battles and overcome steep odds before. It falls squarely on his shoulders to rally the defenders and fight this terrifying new enemy.

And Old Hatred Dies Hard…

In the face of the new threat, Admiral Mattis races the aliens to Earth, knowing that if he fails, Earth falls. A genocide. The end of human civilization. But old tensions between former enemies simmer to the surface, and Mattis must rally old enemies to face the common threat. And in the chaos, a multi-government conspiracy rears its head, and threatens to undo everything humanity has achieved in a thousand years. Human civilization is on the line. And only one old war hero can save it. God help us all.

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