The Last Zombie War by Brian Michaels

The Last Zombie War

The Last Zombie War by Brian Michaels
English | 2019 | Sci/Fi | ePUB | 391 Kb

The Last Zombie War: The Last Zombie War

The Human Race has endured many wars throughout its history. From the time of early Greece to modern times, millions have died, countless millions more have suffered unmentionable atrocities during these wars.
World War I was called the war to end all wars, but it was soon followed by World War II.
Since the end of World War II, countries have been continually at war in one way or another.
Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, multiple other Middle East wars, Africa, South America, Ukraine, and many more.
Millions continued to die.
It was if no one seemed to notice or care any longer.

That was until a war started that no one could any longer ignore.
With in weeks, billions had died, far more than had died in all of mankind’s previous wars combined.
The war spread so fast and so far, that it became impossible for anyone to ignore it.
No one was spared, it was impossible to declare yourself neutral and just sit on the sidelines.
The enemy didn’t care. If you fought you died, if you didn’t fight you died, no matter what you thought about the war only one thing was certain.
You were going to die.
Within weeks mankind realized that it was facing extinction.

Mankind found itself facing an enemy that appeared impossible to defeat. In a war, the winner was the side that found a way to kill more of the enemy than they could kill of you. The problem was at the start of this war, your enemy was already dead. How could you kill someone that was already dead?
It was a dilemma that had never been faced in the entire history of mankind.
They also discovered that even with all the modern weaponry that had been developed, their weapons were next to useless against the enemy they now faced.
Mankind did find a way to claim victory, or to at least be able to call the final result a draw, but there was one big question that remained. Was it too late?

Joe Brady and his family lived in the tourist town of Moab, Utah. Joe and his wife were concerned about earning a living and raising their three small children in the beautiful surroundings of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Dealing with war, death and destruction had never crossed their mind.
However, that all changed drastically one day when the horror of death made it impossible to think of anything else. Life became a daily battle to just keep his family alive as he watched everything and everyone around him die.
After having endured countless horrors in order to just survive, he found that he also had to endure one more burden.
The burden of knowing why he was still alive.

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