The Lazarus Outbreak by Michael Angel

The Lazarus Outbreak

The Pact by Sharon Bolton (S. J. Bolton)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 7.5 MB

Michael Angel’s fictional worlds range from the breakaway province of Ozrabek to the magic-filled realm of Andeluvia. His eBooks, audio books, and paperbacks populate shelves in 12 different languages.

A lethal parasite emerges from a volcano’s caldera in the Western Pacific.
It cooks a person’s brain in a stew of toxic juices.
Now it’s breaking down the boundaries between what is alive…and what is dead!
When a series of unexplained deaths take place near a medical research lab in the Western Pacific, the World Health Organization needs the best available epidemiologist in the field.
Doctor Leigh Austen’s tough, smart, and, available. But what some call her ‘checkered’ past forces her off the CDC’s list. Angry and humiliated, a chance to prove herself comes from a very unexpected source.
She and security specialist Nicholas Navarro jet halfway across the globe to the Republic of Nanga Selak. Once there, Austen finds two things: a mysterious sickness she’s never seen before, and a newly discovered pathogen pulled from the acidic depths of a volcanic lake.
Navarro and Austen find themselves pulled ever deeper into a tangle of mysterious deaths and a deeply held conspiracy. Until a truly terrifying outbreak emerges from the Bornean jungle, threating to wipe out everyone at the facility…and then the rest of the world!
Can Austen survive both the pathogen and deeply held treachery long enough to stop the outbreak from turning into a global pandemic?

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