The League of Heroes (French Science Fiction Book 72)

The League of Heroes

The League of Heroes (French Science Fiction Book 72) by Xavier Maumejean, Jean-Marc Lofficier (Editor), Manuella Chevalier (Translator)
French | 2012| Fantasy | ePUB | 1.9 MB

Lord Kraven, leader of Phileas Fogg’s League of Heroes, battles alongside Sherlock Holmes, Lord Greystoke, Professor Cavor, English Bob, Captain Hook, Kid Colt, the Steel Comrade, Auguste de Grandin, Baron Stromboli and other colorful heroes to protect the mighty Empire of Albion from the dastardly villainy of Peter Pan, the Jade Mask, the deadly Doctor Fatal, the Pharaoh Im-Ho-Tep, Prince Sinbad, Fanttmas, the otherworldly Horla and a host of other foes — but is that all there is to his enchanted existence? Xavier Maumejean is a multiple award-winning French science fiction author.

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