The Library – The Complete Series by Amy Cross

The Library - The Complete Series

The Library – The Complete Series by Amy Cross
English | 0000| Fantasy | ePUB | 6.6 MB

Kidnapped and taken to a huge, world-spanning library, Claire is shocked to discover the truth about her own life. Thrust into the heart of a battle for the library’s fate, she quickly learns that the powerful Forbidders will stop at nothing in order to gain the one object they prize above all others. While the Forbidders wreak havoc, however, a great danger is edging closer. The darkness is reaching out across the void, threatening to destroy this world just as it has already destroyed countless others. As he tries to save the library, a tired soldier named Vanguard finally sees the truth and realizes that there’s only one way for the library to be rescued from destruction.

Book 1: Into the Library part 1
Book 2: Into the Library part 2
Book 3: The Roof of the World
Book 4: Comes a War
Book 5: The Last Grandapam
Book 6: The Soldiers of Tea
Book 7: Shadows on the Page
Book 8: Rise of the Forbidders
Also includes Broken Spirits (Lupine Howl 2.4), which was the first book to feature the library.

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