The Life of Death by Lucy Booth

The Life of Death

The Life of Death by Lucy Booth
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.2 Mb

The Life of Death: One soul. One pact with the Devil. One chance at love.

Elizabeth Murray has been condemned to burn at the stake. As she awaits her fate, a strange, handsome man visits her cell. He offers her a deal: her soul in return for immortality, but what he offers is not a normal life. To survive Elizabeth must become Death itself.

Elizabeth must ease the passing of all those who die, appearing at the point of death and using her compassion to guide them over the threshold. She accepts and, for 500 years, whirls from one death to the next, never stopping to think of the life she never lived. Until one day, everything changes. She – Death – falls in love.

Desperate to escape the terms of her deal, she summons the man who saved her. He agrees to release her on one condition: that she gives him five lives. These five lives she must take herself, each one more difficult and painful than the last.

“I cannot be sure, but these deaths and their proximity to Him have a profound effect.

Mid-afternoon and I awake from my pain-induced slumber with a start. I am numb. Pain has softened. My body is rallying. He is standing by the barred window to the cell, shoulders straight, body pulled upright. Without turning He speaks.

‘I need you, Lizzy.’ He leans forward to peer into the street. ‘I sensed you wake. I felt you rally. And I knew.’

‘What?’ I breathe, through crushed lung and bloodied tongue. ‘Knew what?’

‘We are one, you and me. You have seen the damage these deaths inflict upon me. You have seen the pain I suffer.’ He turns to face me. A shaft of sunlight highlights His glowing skin. Skin that is white, clean, unblemished. His breathing is steady, no longer labouring under the cracked ribs suffered by this morning’s cull. ‘When I sensed you rally, when I felt your strength giving me strength of my own. I knew. We are linked, you and me. We are one.’

‘But I will die. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But I will leave. And you cannot save me from that.’

‘Oh, but Lizzy, I can. You will die, as you say. A mortal death. But give me your soul, Lizzy, and I can reward you with eternal life. And, what’s more, an occupation for that life. To fill those endless years, that yawning eternity of life without life.”

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