The Lightest Object in the Universe by Kimi Eisele

The Lightest Object

The Lightest Object in the Universe by Kimi Eisele
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

The Lightest Object : What if the end times allowed people to see and build the world anew? This is the landscape that Kimi Eisele creates in her surprising and original debut novel. Evoking the spirit of such monumental love stories as Cold Mountain and the creative vision of novels like Station Eleven, The Lightest Object in the Universe imagines what happens after the global economy collapses and the electrical grid goes down.

In this new world, Carson, on the East Coast, is desperate to find to Beatrix, a woman on the West Coast who holds his heart. Working his way along a cross-country railroad line, he encounters lost souls, clever opportunists, and those who believe they’ll be saved by an evangelical preacher in the middle of the country. While Carson travels west, Beatrix and her neighbors begin to construct the kind of cooperative community that suggests the end could be, in fact, a bright beginning.

Without modern means of communication, will Beatrix and Carson find their way to each other, and what will be left of the old world if they do? The answers may lie with a fifteen-year-old girl who could ultimately decide the fate of the lovers.

The Lightest Object in the Universe is a moving and hopeful story about resilience and adaptation and a testament to the power of community, where our best traits, born of necessity, can begin to emerge.

Buckets of water on the roof, peddlers with megaphones in the streets, candlelight. The city returns to its origins.

MacGyverize: to fix a thing with whatever you have, after that late-’80s television show.

What happens when the last of the canned beans is eaten?

He did not know if the notes would amount to anything. Maybe decades in the future, they’d find his words, and history teachers would assign it as reading to their students.

During Carson’s early teaching years, his students had flashed gang signs and symbols at one another, instantly reinterpreting the histories he taught them. At twenty-five, residually adolescent himself, he studied their codes. He was hungry to learn, and they offered him plenty. Later, as principal, he tried to impart this kind of curiosity to other teachers; so many of them just hauled around a textbook, regurgitated the same lessons year after year, presented themselves as the exclusive holders of knowledge. No wonder so many kids didn’t give a shit.

His final moments at King High School haunted him. The afternoon light angling through the windows of the west-wing classrooms, the empty hallways, the flutter of discarded papers across the floor.

In a perfect world, the public schools would have been the priority, Carson believed, not the sacrificial lambs. Closing them hadn’t done a thing to save government expenditures. And what did any of it matter? Three months later, they’d been plunged into darkness.”


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