The Lightworkers: Part I by Jamie Elle

The Lightworkers

The Lightworkers: Part I by Jamie Elle (Carnival of Chaos Book 1)
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 349 Kb

The Lightworkers : What would you think if I told you magic was real? No, stop laughing. I had the same reaction. It’s the 21st century. We’re too technologically advanced to believe in spells and tricks. We’re too smart. If it was real, we’d all know about it. Right?
Imagine my shock when I, Thea deLarue, saw it right before my eyes—when I found out I was born with abilities that seemed impossible. I would’ve never entertained the thought until my best friend went missing, and embracing my new identity was the only chance I’d have of seeing her again. Maybe I’ve lost my mind, but it turns out, I can heal the nearly dead. I can see visions of the past. I can make energy shoot out of my hands and knock down my enemies. Oh, and I have enemies now. A lifetime of truths have been hidden from me, and it’s time to uncover them all.
My week started with death. My week ended with death. Throw my high school graduation and a mysterious traveling carnival into the mix, and it’s a battle to see what can break me first. I didn’t know who I was before, but now, everyone is about to know my name. Move over, Sabrina. There’s a new unstoppable witch in town.

“I get it. You think you’re a grown adult now, but you’re wrong. Until you move out, you’re in my house, my rules.”

“What did I do wrong?”

“You know well and good what you’ve been up to. You may not want to admit it to your ol’ Dad here, but I was a kid once, too.”

These talks were always the same—making little sense, filled with vague accusations, and rarely ever provoked by me. It’s like he’d get drunk and automatically think the worst of everything. And since I was all he had left, I was the obvious target. There was nothing I could say to get him to ease up, so my strategy—and this had been going on for years—was to let him take the win. Let him be right—whatever he thought he was right about.

“I know, Dad. You don’t have to worry. I’ll keep out of trouble.”

“And that’s why you’ll start coming home immediately after school.”

“But what about work?”

“School. Work. You know what I’m talking about. I want you here. Period.”

I turned to walk away, but I didn’t make it five feet before he started yelling.

“Did I say I was finished? Get back here.”

When he was at this point, I knew it was the alcohol talking, not him.

“You know I say all this because I love you. I care about you. That’s why I won’t lose you like I lost your mom. I’ve gotta protect my baby girl.”


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