The Lion’s Diamonds by Richard Auffrey

The Lion's Diamonds

The Lion’s Diamonds by Richard Auffrey
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 180 Kb

The Lion’s Diamonds: Recently released from prison, Leonidas “the Lion” Blackwood is already looking for his next score when a perfect opportunity drops into his lap. To appease his parole officer, Leonidas works at a local church doing general cleaning maintenance. He learns that five million dollars in diamonds will be stored into a safe at the church. Leonidas isn’t a safecracker but he knows the combination to the safe. The heist should be simple. However, complications ensue, and Leonidas is soon on the run, trying to elude Russian gangsters, including a psychotic enforcer. Can Leonidas trust the sultry woman he met in a bar? Can he trust an old friend with whom he shared time in prison? Can he trust anyone? Is there any way that Leonidas can escape with the diamonds to a tropical island? A noirish-crime novella.

“It’s ironic that when I got out of the joint I ended up working at a church.

After almost three years behind bars, on an armed robbery beef, my parole officer found me a job doing general maintenance work at Saint Francis Xavier Church in Malden. My PO was a holy roller and thought the church work would save my soul. No fucking way.

Though the job only paid minimum wage, the work wasn’t tough. Mostly sweeping, dusting and polishing. Menial labor which gave me plenty of time to think. Time to plot and scheme.

I didn’t give any consideration to living within the law. I knew I wasn’t ever going to become a respectable citizen. I couldn’t become a sheep. Only the life of a wolf, or, in my case, a lion, would satisfy me.

The job at the church was just to appease my PO and give me time to plan my next heist. I never imagined the job would hand me a heist on a silver platter.

My PO would probably call it a test from God, a way to ascertain if I’d truly been rehabilitated. What a fucking joke. I’d rather think of it as a gift from God. If He didn’t want me to be a thief, then He wouldn’t offer me such a tempting target.”

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