The Liverpool Nightingales by Kate Eastham

The Liverpool

The Liverpool Nightingales (Nursing Book 2) by Kate Eastham
English | 2019 | General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

The Liverpool : Liverpool, 1863. Maud Linklater’s life as a housemaid changes forever the day she takes poor little injured chimney sweep Alfie to hospital.

Helping to care for him on the ward, Maud is unexpectedly offered a place as a trainee at the newly opened nursing school run by Ada Houston.

Maud loves her new role and throws herself wholeheartedly into the busy, exhausting experience of living and working at the hospital. And she has a lot of fun along the way once she befriends fellow trainees, including the sweet Alice and chatterbox Edie. Although it soon becomes clear that Alice is troubled by a secret. And then little Alfie, to whom she is devoted, goes missing.

There is only one person Maud thinks can help her find him. Harry, the man whose affections she’s been fending off for months.

Can Harry find Alfie before it is too late? And can Maud qualify despite everything that’s thrown her way?

“Most of the staff talked about finding other work outside the house, and in the last few years Maud had been wondering if she should look for something else too. For a start, she wasn’t bound to stay in Liverpool. She had no family – her mother and grandmother were both long gone – and beyond one of the footmen who had shown her some unwanted attention years ago there had been no suitors. She knew that it was unlikely that she would ever marry and she also knew that if she didn’t make a change soon in another ten years’ time she would be just like Miss Fairchild: sleeping alone in a narrow bed every night wearing a starched nightcap, with the keys to every room in the house on her belt but nowhere to call her own home.

As Maud stood staring out of the window she saw a familiar dark figure rounding the corner at the far side of the square. It was the chimney sweep, black with soot, and silhouetted against the clean, white stucco of the houses. She could see that he was looking up at the chimney of the house across the square as he walked. Then he stopped and swung round impatiently to face a much smaller figure struggling to cover the distance between them. At last the small figure, clearly a child, stood before him. The man bent from the waist, spoke some words and then clipped the child, a small boy, hard around the back of the head, knocking his cap to the ground.”

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