The Living Wisdom of Trees by Fred Hageneder

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The Living Wisdom of Trees: A Guide to the Natural History, Symbolism and Healing Power of Trees by Fred Hageneder
English | 2020 | Non-Fiction > Educational | ePUB | 95.6 MB

A definitive guide to the sacred place trees hold for cultures around the world, exploring the natural history, folklore and symbolism that give each genus of tree its unique character and fascination.

Throughout time, trees have stood as sentinels, wise yet silent, patiently accumulating their rings while the storms of history have raged around them. Trees and humankind have always had a symbiotic relationship. Throughout the centuries trees have offered us shelter from the cold and the heat. They have provided us with a multitude of nutritious fruits, leaves, flowers and roots for food and medicine. They have given us wood with which to make our tools, weapons and toys, not to mention timber for houses, fences, boats and bridges. But perhaps most significant of all, trees have provided us with fuel for fire, which, once it was tamed hundreds of thousands of years ago became the engine of civilization. Trees are our strongest allies.

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