The Loneliest Mile by Susanne Gabel

The Loneliest Mile

The Loneliest Mile by Susanne Gabel
English | 2017| Romance FF| ePUB | 7 MB

Beth isn’t expecting to fall head over heels in love when she enters her first year of college but a chance encounter with the beautiful Anne Stetson, changes everything.
Anne is beginning the fall semester of her junior year as a pre-med student when she literally crosses paths with Beth while running on the cross-country course. Anne appears to be the perfect blue-eyed, blonde-haired, all-American girl that everyone loves. She is stunningly beautiful, talented, confident, yet humble. If she has any secrets, she hides them well. The same can be said of Beth, except her hair and eyes are an alluring brown, and her self-confidence is undoubtedly not as well developed as Anne’s. At least not yet.
With Anne’s encouragement, Beth begins training to become Anne’s track teammate, and together they earn the title as the area’s top Collegiate runners. Their accomplishments, however, make them easy targets for anyone who wants to claim the title of champion.
Through their love of running, they develop a close bond that will eventually lead them into a passionate, adoring relationship, full of exhilarating firsts, especially for the naïve, yet eager Beth Locke.
The excitement, combined with the physical and emotional trials of each contest, reflects the challenges and thrills Beth endures on her journey through life and first true love. A journey that will ultimately be cast-off course after an unpredictable phone call.

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