The Long Dark Road by P. R. Black

The Long Dark Road

The Long Dark Road: An Addictive and Page-turning Thriller by P. R. Black
English | 2020 |Mystery/Thriller > Suspense > Psychological > Women Sleuths| ePUB | 3 MB

The Long Dark Road: an addictive and page-turning thriller.

If you go, there’s no coming back.

Dr Georgia Healey can’t grieve. Her nineteen-year-old daughter went for a walk two years ago and vanished. The police never found Stephanie’s body. The case has gone stale, but Georgia can’t let it go. She knows Stephanie’s out there, somewhere.

On the anniversary of Stephanie’s disappearance, Georgia’s ready to re-interrogate university students, lecturers, Steph’s past boyfriends, everyone. She treads the exact path where Stephanie vanished. Yet the shocking truth is even more than she can handle.

When you seek the lost, be prepared for what you find . . .

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