The Lost Metal Library by Rai Aren

The Lost Metal Library

The Lost Metal Library by Rai Aren (An Ancient Quest Mystery #2)
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 5.4 MB

Deep within Ecuador’s rainforest lies a vast subterranean world, and an incredible, yet dangerous secret… The Tayos Caves System in Ecuador is one of the most astonishing, yet mysterious places on earth. It hides wondrous secrets, both ancient and deadly. Rick Braeden has heard rumors of what treasure these hidden caves might hold, potentially one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Driven by a desire to prove himself and write his name into the history books, he hopes to uncover the truth of The Lost Metal Library and bring this discovery to light. However, a shadowy enemy also seeks to possess this discovery and will let nothing, and no one, stand in their way. Seeking this place of untold wonder may give Rick everything he ever hoped for, or cost him everything, even his life…

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