The Lost Secret by Vaughn Heppner

 The Lost Secret

The Lost Secret by Vaughn Heppner
English | 2021| Sci – Fi|ePUB| 7 MB

I was born in Canada and remember as a small boy crawling in my snow-fort. I closed my eyes, and when I tried to open them, they were frozen shut. I didn’t panic, but wiped away the ice crystals, unglued my eyes and kept on building my tunnel. Those were great days! I moved to Central California before seventh grade and couldn’t believe I lived in a land where oran.

Long ago, the Builders ruled the stars, using a unique super-science to create marvels and wonders. But the Builders vanished—no one knows why—leaving many of their treasures hidden throughout the galaxy.

Now, Captain Maddox and arrogant New Men learn about the fabled Library Planet. Legend holds it’s an ancient repository of Builder knowledge. The side that plunders the planetary vaults first will surely become the premier power in the Orion Spiral Arm.

The race is on, but with many unforeseen dangers including deadly ghost-ships, possible time-travelers and cunning spies—others desire what lies inside the Library Planet.

This will prove a desperate struggle as puny humans led by Captain Maddox try to wrench an advantage for Star Watch, and as a grim menace of unparalleled horror slowly unfolds before them.

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