The Man in the Dragon Mask by Amanda Roberts

The Man in the Dragon Mask

The Man in the Dragon Mask by Amanda Roberts
English | 2019 | Historical Fiction | ePUB | 917 KB

One Face
Two Men
And A Secret That Could Destroy An Empire
At the dawn of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor will do anything to ensure the future of his empire. Building the Forbidden City in fulfillment of his father’s dreams is only the beginning.
But few people share the emperor’s vision.
When a consort’s betrayal has devastating consequences that rock the imperial court, the emperor discovers that the fight for the dragon throne has only begun.
The Man in the Dragon Mask is a full-length standalone Chinese historical fiction adventure/action novel. Readers who enjoy books by Lisa See, Pearl S. Buck, James Clavell, and Amy Tan will love this epic asian adventure.

he empress’s labor had finally begun, but it had lasted far longer than it should have. Though it should not have been surprising. The pregnancy had been difficult. The empress had not even been able to leave her bed in months for fear that the child would come too early to live.

“Breathe, my lady,” the midwife coached the empress as she watched for any sign that the little prince would soon enter the world.

“I cannot!” the empress cried. “He is dead! And I will soon join him!” The empress moaned in pain and terror, for she knew that if she did not deliver of a healthy son, it would be best for her if she died as well.

“You can do it, my lady,” Dong Hai, the empress’s chief eunuch, said as he grabbed her hand tightly. He turned her face to him, forcing her to open her eyes to meet his. “You did not live through years of war, and famine, and hardship to die at your own moment of greatness! This is why you were chosen. This is why Heaven has always smiled on you. You will no longer simply be the consort of a beggar king, but the mother of a dynasty!”

The empress nodded and pushed herself to sitting. She grabbed the cords that were tied to each side of the large bed. Her life had been difficult from the beginning. Born to poverty. Married too young. Forced to watch her husband ride off into battle time and time again, always wondering if this would be the day he finally fell and she would be carried off as a war prize. But her husband never fell. And she was never raped or murdered. She was at her husband’s side as they were anointed as emperor and empress of a new China. The vanquishers of the invading Mongol hordes. Together, they had torn down the oppressive Yuan Dynasty and ushered in a new one. The Ming Empire. The bright and shining light of the dawn.

But they were not yet a dynasty.

Until the empress fulfilled her sacred duty and delivered a son to her lord and husband, she was not finished.

The empress held tight to the ropes as her ladies crowded around her, holding her up, wiping her brow, kneeling in prayer to Guanyin.

“I…I see him, my lady!” the midwife said. “Push! Do not stop!”

The empress screamed as the little creature tore his way free and slipped into the waiting arms of the midwife.

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