The Man, The Myth by Remington Kane

The Man

The Man, The Myth by Remington Kane (A Tanner Novel Book 24
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

From REMINGTON KANE, the author of the Taken! Series
THE MAN, THE MYTH – A Tanner Novel – Book 24

The consequences of Tanner’s momentous decision make themselves known, as an enemy seeks to use a surrogate to destroy him.

Meanwhile, members of the law enforcement think tank Blue Truth delve into the century-old mystery of the assassin named Tanner, as they seek to discover if he’s a man or a mere myth.

“He’s an assassin, no, that’s wrong, he’s a facilitator of assassinations. The Magic Man has been responsible for coming up with ways to take out some of the toughest targets. We recently used his services to help us with a project in South America. Eight different assassins had failed to kill a Bolivian businessman, while being eliminated by his security forces. Thanks to the Magic Man, we accomplished the task with ease.”

“How does he work?”

Healy spoke while leaving his desk, to move over to the bar. “The man is a master at taking a target’s strength and turning it into a weakness that can be exploited. I’ve asked him to look into Tanner.”

Harkness had followed Healy over to the bar, where he requested a Scotch on ice. After taking his first sip, he made an observation.

“You want me to be the one who takes the flak if this Magic Man guy fails to kill Tanner.”

“That’s right. None of this can be tied back to Ordnance Inc.”

“Okay, let’s say I agree to throw in with this Magic Man character, what’s it cost me?”

“Not a dime, Jared, although, it could amount to losing your life if it doesn’t work out.”

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