The Man Who Lost His Shadow by Marwan Razzaq

The Man Who Lost His Shadow

The Man Who Lost His Shadow by Marwan Razzaq
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

There’s been a mass shooting. It’s the biggest one in American history. Fifteen minutes after the first shots are fired, the police lock down the entire city. They launch the manhunt for the shooters. Less than an hour later, the manhunt is called off. Because a man has been sitting in the police station, waiting to inform them. He’s the shooter. There’s just one problem. He’s a primary school teacher who’s never touched a gun before. The police don’t believe him. They think he’s either a patsy, a prankster, a pawn or just plain paranoid. But as the interrogation starts, they realize a few things don’t add up…

Sabina moved to the corner, as far away from the crowd as was possible, before she called her husband. Normally she’d be filled with indignant curiosity about what the idiot had tweeted, but right now she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Most people would laugh at the thought of a wife wondering where her husband was after not hearing from him for three hours. But that’s because none of them were married to Mohammed Iqbal. In the eight years they were together, Sabina couldn’t think of a single day when she’d not known his whereabouts. He always let her know where he was and what he was doing. Some would roll their eyes and consider it clingy. She believed it was simply loving. Her husband made it a point to keep her in the loop. Always.

And now his phone was switched off.

“Sabina, did you hear this? Oh my God, this is terrible! Sabina!”

“Just a minute!” Sabina called out, quickly walking back into the living room. A strange thought had just gripped her. She hadn’t seen her husband leave in the morning. Sure, she sometimes missed him because she slept in a little late on Sunday. But…

His car keys were missing. Maybe missing isn’t the right word. They’re…being used?

“Sabina! What are you doing?”

It was Julie, touching her arm lightly, inspecting her face and wondering why she looked slightly ashen. For a moment it looked like she was about to ask something. And then her face softened. “Oh, you heard? It’s terrible, right? I mean, in our own city? You never think it’s going to happen here!”

Before Sabina had a chance to ask what she meant, Julie hugged her. She was a very emotional being, and right now it wasn’t helping.

“Er…what happened?”

“Oh, I thought you knew already!”

Sabina stepped into the backyard, her eyes drawn to the group of men and women who’d now formed a giant cluster around a few phones, faces filled with shock.

“They’re saying the body count is over 100!” One of them called out, and the group gasped loudly.

“They haven’t caught the shooters yet. In fact – ah damn, the city is on lockdown! We might as well stay here now. Won’t be able to get home anytime soon…”

“Shooting?” Sabina asked, edging towards the barbeque grill that’d been abandoned.

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