The Mechanical Crafter – Book 2 by R.A. Mejia

The Mechanical Crafter - Book 2

The Mechanical Crafter – Book 2 by R.A. Mejia (The Mechanical Crafter series 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

He was given another chance at life and from the infinite possibilities available he chose to come back as a mechanical man, a Metalman, named Repair.
In book 1, Repair explored a new world, defeated deadly mutated dungeon monsters, overcame the opposition of the gnomes that revived him, and foiled the scheme to kill his best friend, a goblin named Greebo.
Now, the Metalman will have to prove himself worthy of becoming the Gnome Research Institute’s champion, or he’ll spend the next decade as a virtual slave to them. Add to that the machinations of a greedy Guild Master that may destroy the hard-earned legacy of Greebo’s family and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
Full of action, adventure, and of course crafting. Join Repair on his adventure through this strange fantasy world where magic and technology meet. He’ll dive into the city’s dungeon to kill monsters for XP, learn to craft technology the city has never seen, and make friends to overcome the challenges he faces. Because if he doesn’t become more powerful, he’ll lose his freedom and everything that he’s worked for, including the lives of his friends.

Despite the late hour, there was still a steady stream of people going in and out of the various guild halls that lay on the edge of the courtyard, and Greebo led me to a particular vendor that bought monster parts. The salamander hide was apparently a useful material used to make fire-resistant clothing and cloaks, and I made sure to scan the material for its schema before selling it and the rest of the loot we’d collected. After splitting the profit with Greebo, I purchased the iron, copper, and wood that I’d need to completely repair myself.  

As I sent the materials to my internal inventory, I noted that Greebo was tapping his foot, obviously anxious to get to the Scavenger Guild. I was unsure if I should go with him, though. “Greebo, don’t you want to do this with someone else? I mean, isn’t this something special?”

Greebo stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me. His thick black eyebrows furrowed down and gave his expression a sad look. “I… I don’t have anyone else, Repair.” 

“But what about those goblins you live with? Or all of the aunts and uncles you’ve told me about?”

He shook his head. “With one exception, all my ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ and ‘cousins’ aren’t really related to me. They’re not bad goblins or nothing, but they aren’t friends either. Us goblins call each other those names to show we look out for each other when we can. But I want you to come with me since you’re the one that helped me get here. You saved my life, helped me earn the money I needed, and you’re the one that helped me get to level five.”

“Friends are the family you get to choose,” I muttered, realizing that some truths are universal. 

Greebo nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I like that phrase. You’re real smart, Repair. So, what do you say, you gonna come with me?”

“Of course, I’d be honored.”

The two of us traveled past the more popular guild halls with their massive stone buildings and gilded edifices and down several less-traveled alleys into a district known as the North Quarter. It was the area north of the dungeon where most of the races that are traditionally considered monsters lived: goblins, trolls, kobolds, minotaurs, and more.

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